Jury 42

© Oleg Homola

PETR JOSEK - předseda poroty photographer, Czech Republic Jury: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Born in Brno, Czech Republic. He arrived at the photographic profession through various jobs – camera, film and television production assistant, lab technician and photo reporter for the Czech Press Agency CTK. Reuters photographer since 1990 when he documented the dramatic events in Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, the Baltic states, Albania, two coups in Russia and life in Iraq immediately before the fall of Saddam’s dictatorship. Recipient of several journalistic awards. The author of the best-known Photograph of the Year from the Czech Press Photo competition in 1997. He is a respected unofficial teacher of many young photographers. Member of the international jury Czech Press Photo 2011.

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The photographs are judged by an International Jury of experts. The Jury consider the journalistic value of the pictures (i.e. information value, promptness, topicality) together with their aesthetic quality. The photographs are presented anonymously to the Jury. While judging the pictures, the Jury has the right – in order to secure a prize for a specific photograph or a series  - to decide by majority of votes on their possible transfer to a different category or to give a prize to only some of the pictures in a series or not to award some of the prizes at all. The right not to award a prize applies to all prizes of the competition.